Lead Designer

I’m Lisa, the Chief Operating Officer of Paycheck, an evolving blockchain project.

We are currently looking for an experienced lead designer to join our team. We are seeking an individual with a comprehensive understanding of graphic design, encompassing both digital and physical domains, and a background in contributing to Web3 projects.

This position is available on a contractual basis, offering the opportunity for you to become a part-time team member and be featured as the lead designer on our website.

We provide flexible work schedules. Immediate tasks on our horizon include a revamp of the brand kit, web pages, and the designs of new documents such as litepapers, whitepapers, pitch decks, roadmaps, and more. Subsequently, we will need assets for routine marketing campaigns designed in accordance with the brand kit.

This role offers a splendid chance for you to showcase your talents on our platform and grow with us as we embark on something significant.

We are open to discussing various compensation options, including conventional pay and the possibility of sharing a portion of the team allocation share. This could be negotiated for a long-term collaboration within our organization.

Communication is conducted through Telegram in private chats and through our workforce channel. We eagerly await your response and look forward to the prospect of working with you!