Learning design alone- help!

Pleasure to meet you all!! I’m trying to learn design by myself in the evenings with internet classes and resources. One big problem- no feedback!!! I’m hoping to learn a lot here and any advice I get will be much appreciated!

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Welcome vrinkles! :pizza::smiley::taco::cake:

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Welcome Aboard!!! :slight_smile:


hey vrinkles :slight_smile:
am doing the same thing “learning alone”
we can help each other


I like the sound of that!!!


Can I join the Club of Learning Aloners too?


That would be Great!! We should get a slack going
And I love the name too!!!

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I’m actually pretty psyched for this idea!! I’m creating a blog for personal reasons anyway- all us baby designers could put our heads together and come up with some decent resources. Then we could use them, show our results and review them. And we could regularly share with the grown up designers here for invaluablefeedback!!
Not only would we be learning, we’d demonstrate our ability to learn and work as members of a team!


i like the idea
am in :muscle:

sounds great :slight_smile:

Hi There! Great that you have decided to go at it alone to educate yourself on design! My advice would be to watch as many online videos on you can on Youtube, Design Websites etc. Google is your best friend. Another alternative is i strongly encourage online learning - there are a lot of free websites and paid that you can sign up for short or long term courses and that is a great source of feedback from like minded individuals! Highly recommend online learning for even a short course.

Good Luck!

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