Learning some photomanipulation

Any advice for my poster?


On the first glance, i’d say work on your composition. The characters are way too below, almost disappearing in the ground while there’s a plane out of nowhere.

While the hair of Hulk is super fuzzy (fluffy?), Thor does not have it, it looks kinda fake. Also they are floating??

The lightning need some work, they come from different perspectives

I am not sure or the credits fonts should be that big.

Perhaps some research on superhero posters will help. You’d see the Avenger posters really focus on their characters and put them in the center of the poster.

Just my two cents, good luck with learning. Posters, especially with people, are HARD.

thank you buddy. i gonna restart my project with new renders and backgrounds

Perhaps sketch before you start with a new poster?

Good luck!

Please don’t call it “photomanipulation.” The broad term is “photo editing.” The specific work you are referring to is “photo composition.”

Photo manipulation is using instagram filters to make teenage girls look like anime characters.


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