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My name is Patricia. I’m a graphic designer and recent college graduate. I recently moved across the U.S. and find myself missing my old classmates and friends. I miss talking about graphic design with them and I’m hoping this forum will let me collaborate and talk to designers again. My design heroes are Paula Scher and David Carson. I hate design that takes itself too seriously.

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hi Patricia.
Which side of the US did you move to?

As long as you take design seriously, you can hate whatever you want.

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I moved from Las Vegas to Florida. It was a tough move but I think it will be better for me. I take design very seriously! Lol. I guess I’m just not a huge fan of some of the pretentiousness I’ve seen among some graphic designers.

Welcome Saibera. You’ve traded gambling for 'gators. :smiley:

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I don’t know which one I like more yet. Hahaha,

Hiya Saibera! Welcome Aboard!! :slight_smile:


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