Lettering activity

Hello everyone,

I found an interesting tutorial online to do an interlaced lettering activity and here is the result of my work:

and here is the link of the tutorial I followed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXPyhbrVdSw

So, What are your suggestions? Is there anything I can add?

Your feedback is mostly appreciated.

Thank you

Work on your shadows.

The shadow are:
– not three-dimensional
– not interlacing with “LIFE”
– not interlacing with “cute” itself
– broken for no rhyme nor reason

To appear three-dimensional, shouldn’t “LIFE” have shadows itself?

Your shadow are all over the place.
To learn to “see” this, try doing this with pipe cleaners and a desk lamp. (do they still sell pipe cleaners???)

They do :wink:

For pipes?

That was the original purpose … but have since become a staple in many a crafter’s stash. Especially if you have kids. Fancy folks call them Chenille stems :wink:


I was pulling your leg, RKK, and not doing too great a job of it. I used to smoke a pipe (and have a pipe collection) to try to be cool. There was too much cleaning work involved though, and cool be damned. Then I switched to cigar, but now I cannot afford it. My lungs will thank me for this.

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Lmao … oh well … I’m a bit oblivious at times. :wink:

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