Logo concept opinions

Hello everybody.

I would be grateful to know your opinions to logo concept I have created. It has supposed to be my proposal to the logo contest but due to the circumstances I have not submit it.

I consider that as logo concept made for fun.

I am looking forward for your feedback.

Logo competition?

Stop doing those.

What is it - ask a panda? You nailed it. You should have been paid for it.

This is a profession - it’s not a - I hope I win so I can buy bread!!!

I don’t go to 3 doctors and say which ever one of you can offer me the best treatment I will pay.

Nor do I go to 3 mechanics or post a competition online for the best solution to fix my car.

Nor do I go on to a bakers forum and ask them for 100 recipes for baked cookies that I want to sell and whoever has the best recipe will win a batch of cookies!!!

Honestly - have more respect for yourself. Is it a good design, maybe, but like this logo iteration and yourself have something in common.

You are better than this. You CAN do it!

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