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Hello all

I come here today to ask for peoples opinion on two potential logos please. To give a bit of context, the logo is for a new buisness my team is developing that aims to teach children in a way that is fun and engaging to encourage the student to participate in learning. The tree represents growth, as this book and accompanying app makess the student realise they have hope for creating a better future for themselves


Did you design these?

The tree, what are the pixel dimensions of the raster image used for that?

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From a purely practical perspective, logos are typically not created as raster files since they often need to be reproduced in ways that don’t lend themselves to painterly sorts of artwork. For example, on the barrel of a promotional pen, screen printing in spot colors on a t-shirt, embroidered onto a baseball cap or made into a storefront sign. Logos, like the one you created really tend to cause problems down the road, when these sorts of situations arise.

Aesthetically, the tree is a very nice, informal and fun illustration, but its style is incongruous with the book beneath it. It almost seems like you got the two pieces from separate places, then just combined them. This brings up PrintDriver’s question about whether or not you designed them.

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If this is the business’s goal;

And this is the logo’s concept;

I’m a direct thinker, and I think the logo’s concept doesn’t match the business goal.

The business is about learning, and the logo should illustrate learning. I think tree, growth, future, etc. are too abstract.

So I’d go back to the drawing board and develop a graphic or typographic logo that illustrates the immediate idea of learning.

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The texture inside the tree was raster files originally, but have been completely vectorsied. And yes, both elements are completely my own designs

I’d be curious to see the outline view on that.


Please don’t take this the wrong way, but the logo designs you’ve posted demonstrate inexperience with logo design, so given that and the above statement, I’m compelled to ask whether you (or whoever designed it) practice graphic design professionally.

Actually, that doesn’t make it okay. It’s very common that vector traces of stuff that was once rightly raster art pose a greater risk to basic production methods than would just leaving it a raster image.

Raster or vector, with those textures, it won’t ever be a spot color job, and getting the green(s), the blue(s), and the purple(s) right (or even pleasing-looking) all in one fell process-color swoop is extremely unlikely.

I get why you’d want that watercolor look, but IMO, it’s just a matter of time and/or expense before you decide you’d be better off giving it up.

It’ll only look like a watercolor at whatever size it was vectorized. Once you go larger, it will begin to look like a really bad paint by number really fast.
If it was indeed vectorized.
It could be the old “jpg embedded in the Illy file” and saved as an eps and calling it a vector file. It ain’t. In fact, because the image is embedded, it’s worse than an illy file with a linked image.
One could hope the industry had gotten beyond that old chestnut, but…no…no it hasn’t.
(that’s why I wanted to see the outline view. :slight_smile: )


this is the updated version

No idea why the tree is growing out of a metal spike now.
And gradients are no better than paint by numbers.
Why not just ground the tree inside the book, or slightly overtopping the book?
Too many tiny leafy details.

Hi Cuttingedgedesign I like the idea you were going with! I do have one suggestion. Why not bring the trunk of the tree down to the base of the book to make it appear as the tree is growing out of the book. Second I love how you have the colors to show the growing of the tree but as a logo designer you need to be thinking 20 steps down the road. For example you decide to print this logo on a polo shirt. Currently you would have to pay full price on the printing because the logo is basically a 4cp logo. However if you limit it to 1-3 colors then your costs are much lower. Have you checked to see how this logo will look as a 1, 2 or 3 color logo?

Hope this critique helps!

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