Logo design - #1

hi, what you tink about this logo design?


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Means nothing without context. We can only comment on how pretty it is or isn’t, without some idea of the problem it is trying to solve. I can only assume a lighting company. What is its marketplace, target audience etc?


I think it’s a picture.

Not sure if that’s KODDO, or a backwards C in KODCO, or what? Could also use a lot of work on the kerning.


I’m assuming the logo is just the words and doesn’t include the background image?
Does the company design lighting fixtures? Or is this a different take on using a lightbulb to signify graphic design “ideas?”
I’ll let someone else click the link first, seeing as this is your first post and I’m at work. :slight_smile:

:man_shrugging: My gut says this is an advertising posting by @nlogo .

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I wish we had more context, but knowing it’s an interior design company (thanks to @Joe) helps.

I think the wordmark probably has the right overall look if the company specializes in a modern look. However, the details are a bit off.

  • There’s too much space between the K and the O.
  • The relationship between the two Ds needs some adjustment. I’m not too sure of the idea anyway.
  • The K is too narrow in relation to the other letters.
  • I would make the bottom leg of the K into a more rounded shape rather than a straight line. This would help it match the other letters a bit better.

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Thanks for your sugestions