Logo design critique

hi there! i’m a fresh graphic design student who’s still pretty new and inexperienced in terms of graphic design. i attached some of the logos i’ve done so far and would really like to hear your opinion on it. the first one is a logo done for an ongoing project called SolarBlock-a blockchain based mining software.

the second solution:

these are the contest entry designs done for LeaveItToMe

and the last one

The first one of the blockchain works fairly well and incorporates the S and B of Solar Block, whether or not you did that inadvertently. The second solution is not so clever.

On the last two, and to some extent the first, without knowing a heckova lot more details, it is impossible to tell if you have hit an appropriate mark for the company and their target audience demographic. No idea what they do, or who they market to.

The cloud solution is cliche, so cliche people will wonder why you chose to use a ubiquitous icon as the identifying mark for a company.

you’re right, my bad :smiley:
Leave It To Me is a company which takes care of busy people’s to-do list. their services include wide range of everyday tasks such as cleaning, dry clean, walking the dog, picking up the groceries or kids from school etc.

Cloud-industry is web development, e-commerce company. they asked me to improve their existing logo which also represented a cloud consisted of 2 circles separated by the comma. at first i thought it doesn’t look quiet good, but now i see it’s probably a much better solution then the cloud i made due to it’s originality among the see of cloud icons.

I’m having difficulty imaging what some of these might look like in just black and white (no grays).

A logo might be color 95-plus percent of the time, but there are times when full color, screentints and gradients just aren’t available. If there’s no purely black and white version, it will cause serious problems for a company down the road. For what it’s worth, gradients are usually a bad idea in logos for several reasons.

The type beneath the cloud-industry logo is way too light. (Why is it hyphenated?) It’s legibility is seriously impaired.

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