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Hello guys,

I’m new to this forum and I’m here to gather some valuable critique about my works as there are not many places like that on the internet.

This is my first logo design work and it was made for fictional company called Vortex Analytics, which is modern big data company. Their goals are providing clarity and being accessible by any skill level. They wanted to avoid using stereotypical charts and pie graphics as iconography.

Symbol is constructed out of letters A and V forming diamond shape which represents clarity (one of their goals).

I would like some feeback from you guys about the overall logo.

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I’m getting VX not VA.


If the A is upside down, that’s pushing it one step too far, because the cross bar just isn’t there. If you hadn’t said you were trying to do that, I’d have gone with a V-shaped logo bug with extra leg detail and called it a day.

And, once you’ve seen the X, it just slaps you in the face all day long.

I can think of some better arrangements for V and A. So can you.

I wouldn’t even try to mash letters. You have a cool word, “Vortex,” to focus on.

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If the company name is, say, Vortex Analytics Experience, then I can see an “X” that says everything.

I like the general aesthetic of the logo but I would have picked a font that had a pointed V and A.

You could have pushed the diamond concept a little bit more I don’t think most people would see diamond in this right away. Although subtlety can be a good thing. Perhaps with the rest of the brand story the diamond concept can be pushed further.

Thank you for the critique guys. Really appreciate it :slight_smile: . I’ve never realized that letters are forming X but now I can’t unsee it :smiley:

The X doesn’t bother me since the last character in Vortex is an X.

Maty, I’m curious about your background. You said this was your first logo, but the mark, type, proportions, and color palette don’t make this look like a first logo effort.

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Thanks for feedback. Yes this is my first logo attempt.

Well I would say that I’m self-taught graphic designer. I bought LogoCore course, some courses at Domestika and I watched tons of videos at Futur youtube channel. But I did not study any graphic school or art school.

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In my mind, the only way I see it working is if the the V and A in the text overlaps at the same size.

No gap but overlapping


Then ortext nalytics written beside it.

I like it. A V and an X. It’s good, simple, and fits the industry you mentioned.

Here’s what I don’t like, but it has little to do with your logo. It’s the version of your logo with the superfluous lines. I see new designers draw in these kinds of meaningless logo decorations all the time, and I’ll admit to it being a pet peeve. At least you resisted fitting a bunch of circles around it or superimposing some reference to a golden ratio over it.


As other’s have said I wouldn’t stress about including the “A” in your monogram, it’s awesome without it!

I think the colour choices are on point, along with your choice of typeface!

Good work :beers:

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