Logo Design - Website connecting broken hearts

The website is designed to match people who are going through similar grief or heartbreak. I worked with the owner of it during my time at school on some marketing stuff, but after graduating and wanting to work on my portfolio I decided to try and rebrand the company. First is the logo I have completed here.

Apparently I cannot include links in my post but to view the current website it’s
heartbreaktoheartbreak .com

Next I will be moving onto website design and then any other pieces I’d like to show, business cards, brochures, tent cards etc.

Hi! I really like the logo, I think it’s super nice and perfectly fits the name of the brand.

The two things I would say is that I’m not a huge fan of the green color or the green gradient. It feels medicinal to me? I understand that a large part of this company is about healing, but the gradient reminds me of hospitals. Maybe try different shades of green? Or add yellow to the gradient?

Also, I think it could be cool if you could replace the “to” with some sort of graphic element. There is just so much type, I wish you could find ways to cut down on it.

Both of these are really small things though, I think overall the logo is really solid.

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