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Hello Everyone!

I’m creating a business logo design for a client. His business deals with re-constructing houses and cleaning services. I want to get your guys opinions in color and how to manage that color in the logo I’ve created. The client does want the color red. Here is the logo

Just to be clear, the client approved the logo design and you’re now exploring color and asking our opinions, correct?

The client has approved the logo design and they want the color red in his logo. It’s his initials are DM.

It’s quite obvious that you’ve just assembled various pieces of clip art to make this.

Yup, just did a search: https://bit.ly/37G0Xo1

A couple more images searches turned up other sites using the little bucket and broom drawings too.

You do know this is illegal, don’t you? You’ve not only violated multiple stock agency licensing terms, you’ve also committed fraud by selling something to your client that you don’t own.

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All the vector images I used in this logo were free for use tell me where I need to purchase the eps files for commercial use? and send me links for every image u searched and found

Stock art is almost never made available for use in logos. And even when it might be, it’s wrong to sell a client a logo they will never actually own and that other people who buy the same stock art can also use.

In addition to legal issues, there are ethical problems. When someone hires a designer to create a logo, the designer needs to think through the problem and create an original solution. It can’t just be a pieced-together collection of art downloaded from the internet or copied from someone else.

I don’t know anything about you. Maybe you’re a high school kid just doing a favor for a friend. If that’s the case, nothing is likely to come of this. Professionally, though, this is the kind of thing that can get you sued. Worse still, selling things you don’t own under false pretenses amounts to fraud — a criminal, not a civil offense.


Primsacolor meets Prisoncolor!

Are you Haris Mustofa?

And if not, did you read this particular licensing note:

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“creating” might be too strong a word.

can the person (or thief) look like Haris Mustola and use this graphic legally?
i did nt think so.

Wellll… That particular person has this particular graphic peppered all over numerous free and pay stock image sites. I saw at least 4 with his name in some various form.

Which means the logo is totally unable to be trademarked, which is part of why a designer is hired to create a logo. To use stock assets in this manner is considered fraud. Especially considering that image I posted shows the © symbol.

Just change the company name to “capitol punishment investments” and we are good to go to the printing presses!
after adding that red color they so persistently need

Um, isn’t that why you’re getting paid? Not to pile on, but this kind of illegal use is very common.

I thought if it was on the internet it was free… like music.

Actually,whant do you wanna hear?

Make their name color red or the roof :slight_smile:

Frankly speaking, I like it.

IMHO the letters are too bold. It washes out the entire design and there is very little contrast between the elements of the logo. Regardless where they were taken from…

Great design:

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Aww … Linda waited nearly 2 weeks to spam us and try to weasel her way around the no links for noobs rule.

Nothing like a slow spam campaign lol :smiley:


It was more fun when we just changed em to Zombo.com

edit: Aw, I’m so sad. Zombo.com is about to die the Flash death.
The end of an era (a very long one though!)

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