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We are having a hard time choosing between three logo designs (does not include the typeface) for our freelancer organization and would like to ask for outside feedback and opinions.

For context:

  • Target Audience: Clients, Companies
  • What is it for: BZ Nest - Freelancer Organization
  • Theme: Freelancing
    We are open for your comments and critiques for any of the logos.


Are you the designer?
Totally different solutions and utilizing gradients…good luck with that.

Not really, different designers made the logos, thus explaining the variety in the designs.

Rules here don’t let us comment unless you’re the designer.
I’ll repeat…Good luck with that.

The purpose of working with a designer is to focus your branding to your demographic and come up with a viable solution that’ll work in all situations. If you are applying the shotgun method and hoping you will see something you like, without knowing if the thing you receive will be any more than a pretty picture, you are missing the point. All of these look crowdsourced. Do better.

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What exactly do you freelance? Bird Watchers, Data Analysts or Computer Techs? Because these logos are all over the place. I will not comment on tech. aspects of these logos however because as PD stated, we do not critique any logos that aren’t submitted by the designer.

You need to hire a designer and tell them specifically what you are looking for … and not the ones that churn out logo’s for 10 bucks a pop :wink:

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Our bad for not clarifying it earlier since we’re quite new at this, but we’re duo designers that need opinions for a freelancer logo. Only the data above was given as the basis for the designs, so we had creative freedom in creating the designs. We deeply apologize for the misunderstanding.

So you designed these?
If all you have is the info above, and you came up with these three very different and quite frankly not good, ideas, You don’t have enough information to do the project. You need to ask more questions, and do a lot more sketches.

@bznest This may be useful to give you some insight in the logo design process: https://logogeek.uk/logo-design/process/

All the best.

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