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Hello everyone,

Here’s a logo that I did for my clients adult health care business. I would appreciate your comments about it. Thanks!

Link is broken?

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Post Updated!

First impressions. The colours are typical, the general clean aesthetic works.

The is unusual and looks like a race track. I find the tiny wedge of grey at the top where the S and F join a bit awkward though. It’s so small, doesn’t really warrant being a 3 colour logo. I think the grey wedge needs to be larger or turned into a white line to match the rest.

I like the sans serif font. It has a lot of personality while still being very geometric and clean. The round corners of the A and M work well with the mark.

The script font doesn’t match the rest of the design. Looks like it is added as an afterthought and doesn’t feel very balanced. I would be inclined to use the same font throughout.

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WOW!! Thanks for being critic…

Actually the grey wedge is the shadow of blue over green … If you can see it again… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I will have to rethink of the font… I just checked it again and it seems unbalanced, Thanks for suggesting.

I am impressed. :+1:

Happy to be of service :slight_smile:

If it is a shadow, I would consider adding a shadow to the middle portion as well.

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Yeah You are right… Let me try that too. .Thanks for suggesting.

I like your concept, and how you’ve manged to create the heart symbol with manipulating the letters. Nicely done.
However, I think the top-heaviness of the logo is making the whole thing a little wobbly and imbalanced.
I realise that not all designs need to be balanced, but this doesn’t seem to be working here.

Thanks. .I will consider your suggestion.

I see a heart… It sort of reminds me of a stethescope…

Is the green portion of the illustration to be the S and the blue part a flipped part of the f for famiglia?

is cagliari also part of the logo design?

Keep in mind that it’s possible that this logo may need to be used in one color applications (embroidery, etched on glass, etc.) - will it work then?

You read it right… Exactly the things are as you have stated :laughing:.

Yes. It will work… Definitely.

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