Logo design

Hello friends, I’ve started a new website. Please review my logo and let me know if it’s fine or i should change. Thank you

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Present logo is fine. But I suggest you to think out of the box because your services are related to IT and logo represents just a sailing boat. No, please think more creatively.

Technically I think it looks good, but the white disconnection makes it look like the left side of it is sinking titanic style. I hope I’m not overinterpreting it. Maybe it’s just me.
i just saw you use the resulting Rhombus as a way to present pictures but think that you should look for a different solution for the logo.

I think a sinking ship would make for a cool logo, too bad about the message behind it… :thinking:

Link is removed.

If you want a critique, please post a screenshot or jpg of the image you want reviewed. Did you design this or have it designed for you?

Also, moving to the Crit Pit :slight_smile:

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