Logo designer from Denmark

Hi, im Thomas

My passion is logo design, and have have created quite a few. The concept, is for me, the most important aspect in a good logo. I im always true to the main concept, and tries to stick to it.

My personal website is www.damgraphics.dk.

Welcome to the forum Thomas.

My grandfather was born in Aarhus before emigrating to the U.S. with his family as a teenager, so I’ve always had a special affinity for Denmark.

Nice website. I was looking through it and found your business model interesting. I like the price calculator idea. I noticed that you specialize in logos but also do broader work with branding and, even, delve into website design.

There seems to be a trend for graphic designers to narrow down their work to a few niche specialties rather than trying to do everything (like I’m still trying to do). The field is just getting too diverse to be able to maintain an expertise in every aspect of design, so narrowing down makes a lot of sense. I’m assuming you made a deliberate decision to do this. Then again, I read on your site that you’re also an architect, which make your choices of graphic design specialization even more interesting.


I appreciate your work. Keep going forward.

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