Logo for private school- vote and provide feedback

I posted a few weeks ago with a logo idea and received some helpful feedback that led me back to the drawing board. I have some other concepts that I would love feedback on and would like to know which, if any, are best/viable design concepts to further explore. Trying to obtain some degree of symbolism, but worry about coming across too cliche or contrived. Clearly I am drawn to this color combo, but interested in feedback on color choice if you feel this color palette is not the best at capturing the feel I am going for.
*these are in draft form and some are sketches and therefore not yet fine tuned.
Would love suggestions for font type to compliment the logo you like best as well!
Thank you for ANY input!

Here is the background-

  • Concept : a logo
  • Purpose or Goal : Developing a logo for a new business venture, a private school for children with special needs and different learning styles, called Illumination Academy. Playing around with ideas and concepts. Wish to portray unique, fun, caring, inspirational, dedication etc
  • Format : Will mainly be used digital, In website, and likely some t shirts and business cards
  • Audience : Parents of children with special needs or parents that don’t feel the schools are able to meet their child’s learning needs, professionals that work with children
  • Your Experience Level : I have minimal experience, if any. I am a therapist though I have been doing art as a hobby for decades
  • Nature of Job: self directed project for my new business, brainstorming concepts and determining what design direction to go

Welcome Adrienne!

So you’re off to a good start, I would start as sketches if you haven’t already. Much easier to spew all ideas out than drawing on screen unless you’ve got a tablet :slight_smile:

I would lose the color for now, and work on it in black and white first. It’s nice to have an idea of what you want the colors to be, but it needs to work 100% as b/w before moving onto color.

Some of those have more detail than you’ll want for an end result. Make each 1" at most, and print it out. You’ll see what needs to be removed because it will be too tiny and get a little lost!

This certainly doesn’t cover everything when starting out, but should get you moving in the right track.

As far as which ones to pursue, I know 1 has been done before several times so I would avoid the book/bulb combo. I’d go with developing 5 and 6 more than any of the others. Almost 7, but the silhouette is too detailed to render small.

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Thank you SOOOO much for the feedback and input! Helps to cut out some of the ideas floating around my head and more narrowly guide my energy!
Great points!
I’ve been using my iPad and Apple Pencil to sketch and I LOVE it! :slight_smile: I’ll simplify to basic black and white - good idea!!
Soo appreciative of your help!

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