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what do you guys think of this logo, its for a tv show that is suppose to bring business personalties on tv to talk about their struggles. Please help shed more light on how it could be better.

Awful name.
Sounds like a thing where you meet your ex-partner.
Why two stripes for the x?
What does ‘Tell Your Essentials’ even mean - seems non-sensical.
Where did Business Day come from? Why isn’t that in the other ones?
Did it start in July this year? A bit late isn’t it?

To me - none of the logos makes sense.

I’m not really getting it. Seems too sporty to be about business personalities talking about their struggles.

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Honestly, I am tied between the second and third one. Maybe have a TV around the second one, but that’s just me liking the image. Nothing to do with the show itself which… I’m confused about. Also, I don’t know if this is being made for a client, or if you’re making the show yourself, or if this is just something you are doing for fun and your portfolio. I’m saying this because I looked it up, and I think the names been taken. I googled it, and there’s a company called Meet-X inc., and I just don’t want you getting in trouble for copyright infringement.

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Just occurred to me might be a bit like TedX.

Is that . . . shape . . . supposed to be a television?


No. A square apple.

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In order for us to help you with the logo we need a lot more information than you have given us. Give us the brief as if we were doing the logo. That is the only way we can really help you tweak it.

thanks. so it a show about several CEOs talking about their business struggle and policies put in place to aid entrepreneurship in my country. you just come and talk about how your business championed against all odds. Just so upcoming individual looking to get in your type of business can learn from it.

Great, now tell us why you came up with the logos that you did? What inspired you to add the words? What vision did you have when you decided to have that special X in it? Most importantly how do you feel your logos convey the message of the show?

the X i wanted to stand out, the red i wanted to convey passion, the split in the middle i wanted to convey being queer. So in short, the x is to convey a passionate executive who feels he is bigger than life and is passionate about his dreams.

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