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I recently redesigned my logo as the old one was quite useless but established for a very long time. This is my first attempt at blogging, so if you want to give it a try I’d love to hear from you how/if you like it. Suggestions for improvement are as always very welcome! To the Maschina Blog

What’s graphic engineering?

I had to look it up as well and I found this definition: “Graphic engineers use computer-aided design and imaging software to create digital sketches of models and plans.”

From this I gather it seems to be similar to technical drawing, but I could be incorrect.

As far as the logo goes, I think it is fine and serves its purpose. I cannot really offer more advice, because I really do no understand your business.

I’d also consider consolidating your navigation items to be Home, Projects, About, and Contact. I suggest this because to me that’s the top most important elements of your page. Having a Facebook page be the second or first in the drop-down menu doesn’t make sense, since you’re not explaining what the project is first.

I know you’ve came here just to discuss the logo, but it’s difficult to critique the logo when I do not have a clear picture of your business as a whole.

Sounds like drafting.

It’s a bit hard to give feedback on the logo, because like others, I don’t understand the business. It looks quite mechanical, so I guess that’s in line with the subject matter. Not a fan of the font for the Maschina Graphic Engineering text, as it’s too fussy looking especially when it’s stacked. Also, I don’t get why the ‘G’ has an arrow in it. Other than that’s it’s quite striking which is a plus.

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Tank you all for your feedback! Maschina Graphic Engineering is the name of the brand. It stuck with me for so long now, I didn’t even consider it being hard to understand. So I will have to overthink this. The background to the name is that I originally did a lot of design and illustration on the computer. So I thought it would be cool to have engineering in it.
Thanks also for the feedback on the text. As I mentioned in the blog post I wanted to do a type and this is what I came up with. It wasn’t too much work so I may change it.

What about the blog post itself? Was it worth your time reading or do you think people will be interested in this kind of thing?

Thank you all for taking the time giving me feedback. Getting feedback from independent pros is priceless!

I liked the blog post, but I think you could format it a little better to guide readers through the content, as it is currently, it’s just a little bit bland.

I personally really, really like the logo, it left a great first impression on me.

The rest of the gang is right to ask about the actual work you do, as more information is always needed to understand (from a graphic designer’s point of view) whether a logo is successful or not. From what I now know based on your response to their questions, I’d say it works well. However, it does give more off more of a sense that what you do is technical and maybe even numbers-oriented rather than design oriented.

I can tell you are a very “graphic” person and you like dynamic letter techniques. The first logo you had reminds me of some kind of 2000’s-era “pimp my ride” type of car shop. I think that’s a good thing, I like that your personality comes through on your personal logo.

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I think the subject matter is fine; a bit ‘reality tv’ for my taste (people my age still don’t always get the interest in the relatively mundane details of others’ thoughts), but that’s kind of the whole premise of blogging. I would suggest that if blogging is to become a regular endeavor, some work on your writing is in order. Read it back to yourself as though you were a stranger and evaluate whether it reads like brain-dump (right now, some of it really does), or a salient message comprised of carefully chosen language, then stripped of anything superfluous (which should be the objective). Do that one sentence at a time first, improving each if you can, then all through to test for cohesiveness. Don’t hesitate to get some emotion into it, but work on the mechanics too. Right now there is a lot of punctuation missing (which results in a lack of rhythm), needlessly capitalized words, etc. Getting that stuff right is important.

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That’s a bit of a problem I already heard from native speakers. I am no english native, and my writing is also a bit rusty but I will try to improve my skills as I go with it. I considered writing in german but as I want to access an international audience with my work I think it would be better to write english even if it is not perfect. Also it is good training writing in a foreign language.

As for the part of what I do there will be some more blog posts soon where I explain some of my projects. I want to focus on the process of creating things from start to finish.

Thank you so much for that, this made me giggle a lot :smiley:

I forgot to mention that, the current navigation is still a legacy from the old site which was mainly an online business card. I will take on this task soon. But thank you very much for the proposals. I was thinking about the sections of the new site for days now, so this is a good starting point.

All in all I can’t thank you enough for your feedback. To be honest I was prepared for worse and am still a bit nervous when I open this forum because I know you would have told me if you thought it was crap.

I don’t want to come across spammy but do you think it would be OK if I posted the updates here? As you may have noticed I give a lot on your opinions and your honesty so it would be great help.

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