Long Overdue Logo Redesign

Hi all, I have two new simplified logo designs to replace my current logo so I can give off a halfway professional vibe, lol.

This is the logo I’d been using for the last seven years after I thought it up and didn’t have the motivation to try and improve it.

New Idea 1

New Idea 2

I like the last one sans the red stroke. It’s making the lines look jagged.

Whatever you choose keep it simple, clean and crisp.

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None of those work for me. :slight_smile:

A logo should be simple, high contrast, easy to read at small sizes and in black and white.

It should communicate a message that will mean something to viewers. The message I get here is, Samuel wears glasses and his last name is Fontaine.


So I think back to the drawing board, if you’re going for “halfway professional.” Especially if you’re a graphic designer.

That said, it can be really hard for a designer to design their own logo. I struggle with mine too. So it’s really good that you asked for feedback.

Maybe give this a watch.


First of all, showing us the before and then two alternates is a good way to ask for a critique – so this is a step in the right direction. if you don’t mind, and if this isn’t too personal, would you mind answering the following questions to help put your work in context?

– Are you in school? If so, what level?

– Have you completed your schooling and working full time?

– If you’re working full time, what do you do?

– What are your career goals? Is graphic design a side thing? Do you hope to be a full time designer?

– What is the significance of the moon wearing glasses?


Hey Steve-O to answer your questions
1: I am in school, second degree seeking in New Media, my first degree was in Studio Art (Useless for my purposes)
2:I work 15 hours a week with the school’s marketing team making flyers and event marketing materials. Freelancing is my side job that helps keep me afloat financially.
3: My goal is to become full-time whether that’s with a company or full time freelancing.
4: The moon significance came about when I first designed that first logo almost 8 years ago after learning that a birthday in July makes you a Cancer and the moon is that symbol. I actually see now that that connection is not apparent in the slightest, but I’d like the keep the motif in one way or another for that reason.

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Thanks Doc, I’ll check that out really soon! Design is such a conceptual field of work, and it’s also pretty subjective. The conceptual aspects of design are not a natural trait for me, which is why I know that seeking critiques is one of the main ways I’m going to improve. I appreciate everyone’s input on everything I have posted and will post.

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I didn’t see a moon in your original logo. I thought the spots were liver spots. I guess it’s pretty subtle. Maybe too subtle. If you plan on moving away from the moon concept, that’s cool.

At the moment, it only really works on a dark or coloured background. This is really limiting. Have you thought about how your logo will look on a white background?

Designing a logo for yourself is often the hardest thing. I think it’s important to brainstorm your brand as if you were a paying client. Step outside of yourself and see it from the perspective of a client.


Gosh, yeah! Mine’s still a WIP. One of these days, I’m going to post it up here and benefit from the collective wisdom.


Liver spots? :laughing:


Haha yeah, I had that thought more than once in the design process all those years ago. I always assumed no one else would see it if I made the overall design busy enough, I was so naive back then, lol.

  • You don’t need the peach color strokes. Remove them.
  • Black type on a dark grey background needs to be changed for legibility. Go with a lighter color grey, but not as harsh as white.
  • I’d reconsider the bold font you chose. Something like the one on the bottom works better in terms of legibility and taste.
  • The moon doesn’t bother me but it does imply that you will be working 24/7 (days and nights). Are you OK with that?
  • What is the usage of the logo? Will these eventually become business cards?

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