Looking for Crit on a 3D Type render!

Hey all!

I created some renders in Adobe Dimension of the word POP!

I want to know which one of these you like better, or if you think something else (besides what you see here) would work better!

Some context of the image: I grew up when the pop music era took off big. I use to listen to N*Sync, Britney Spears, and the like! Just thought I’d put together something as a tribute to the music genre! Let me know what you think, thank you!!

I think the first is stronger. The second is difficult to read. I could see this used as a visual communications window, however I think additional elements need to be included.

Thanks for the feedback! What elements would you suggest?

You a 90’s kid? :slightly_smiling_face: I like the color your chose. Have you tried experimenting with a solid unreflective floor maybe? I think the reflection has become a bit too much. Perhaps if there were some more solid planes it would become a bit softer.

Let me give it a try! I had tried a non-reflective floor but the text wasn’t as visible on it as I’d have liked. I’ll try experimenting with some more materials!

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Out of the two, I’d say that the first one sticks out a bit more as it is actually eye catching. The colours are fairly nice, but it still seems a little bit dark to me. That might be because of the amount shadowy reflections though. I also feel that if the object itself is reflective, it might be a bit better to tone down the rest of the reflective surfaces around it.

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