Looking For Critiques For My Project

Skill Level: Student (Self-Taught)
Aims: From a professional viewpoint, I would like to ask for your opinions and critiques on my latest project (Branding/Identity Design and UI/UX Design)
Link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/101493249/HYPERBiTS

Hello everyone,

Some time ago, I created a topic asking for your opinion on my portfolio in general. However, after taking a small step back and looking at it again, I found that the projects posted on my portfolio were lacking and do not fully reflect my capabilities. As a student who’s looking to apply for a job as a professional graphic designer, I thought it was necessary to present future employers with a project which could fully display my potential. As a result, I took some time to create this latest concept project.

I’m creating this topic in hope that the members here could provide me with your critiques on the project itself, and on points where I could further improve to grow and work as a professional graphic designer in the future. You can find the link to the project attached on the top of the topic.

Thank you for your time and efforts! :smiley:

This says it’s a redesign. You would have to show the original to determine if your work is appropriate.

I print. You don’t have Pantone specifications (or another similar standard ie Toyo) in your style guide. CMYK, RGB, and Hex aren’t standard for the print industry if you want consistent color.

As for the rest of it, I’ll let others comment.

The shadows on your 3D rendition of the logo are so dark they’re interfering with legibility. I’d definitely lighten them up.

A bigger issue is my reservation about the presentation of the project overwhelming what you’re intending to highlight. I’m having trouble deciding what the point might be — the work you’re trying to show or the elaborate presentation of that work.

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed a trend where designers put so much effort into the presentation of their work that it ends up stealing attention away from the work that’s intending to be shown. In my opinion, it’s best to keep presentations tight, clean and simple while letting the subject matter be the star of the show — not its presentation.

There are some nice things about it, taking into account what others have said. Clean. Well-presented, but personally all I see is the Bugatti logo.

Thank you for your comment.

I have presented this project in according to Behance’s guidelines, following which I do not want to also post the old logo of the service as to compare or discredit it (and I have yet to see any designer doing so on the site). However, I believe you can find the service’s current logo and website with a Google search.

I would like to say thank you for your opinions regarding the decision with the color palette. I do understand the importance of following Pantone’s defined colors to achieve better printing quality. However, since the nature of the project this time focus more on screen and display, I thought it would be better to specify the color in CMYK, RGB, and Hex. Though so, I will pay more attention to also include the Pantone profile for the following projects.

Again, thank you for your kind feedbacks. I truly appreciate it.

Thank you for your feedback.

Regarding the 3D render, I couldn’t find any issues with readability when viewing it on my current monitor but I believe this might have caused by the different environment and lighting settings nature to different monitors. Thank you for pointing out this issue. I will do my best to fix it as soon as possible.

I do understand your comments on the presentation of the project. Previously, I have received a similar comment stating that I’ve been relying too heavily on mockups and such, blurring the actual design as a result. Following the received comment, I’ve reduced the ratio of mockups used to present the project. However, a feel a little awkward presenting the raw design of the website as I’m still inexperienced in this area of design as compared to package design. May I ask if you could kindly give me a few advice on how I could better present my designs in this field?

Again, thank you for your kind feedback!

Thank you for your feedback.

Embarrassingly, I’m not really familiar with logos from automotive brands. I wouldn’t be able to realize how the idea bear some resemblances to Bugatti’s extended B if you hadn’t pointed it out! For this, I really appreciate your feedback.

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