Looking for feedback for a candle company label

I am not a great designer and I tweaked some templates. Any feedback would be appreciated. Favorites or advice on any of these labels?

Whether a label works depends on many variables beyond how it looks. Judging the success of a design in a vacuum devoid of context omits the most important considerations.

Where will these candles be sold? Is shelf appeal a primary consideration? Who are the target customers? What does your competitors’ packaging look like? Do you want an elegant, minimal look or something more modern and aggressive? Are these traditional dipped candles or a mix of candle types?

You don’t need to answer these questions — they’re primarily rhetorical. However, these and many other relevant factors must be considered when determining whether this or that label or packaging is most appropriate for the problem at hand, which, in this case, I suspect, is how they will affect sales at the point of purchase.