Looking for feedback on my portfolio website & blog and the selected works!

– Nice looking, easy-to-navigate site that doesn’t get in the way of your work. Good job.

– In the menu, I’d swap the order of blog and illustrations.

– In the link above, it says you’re UK-based. I didn’t see anything indicating where you’re based on the actual website.

– On the illustration page, clicking on a thumbnail brings up a larger image. I’d expect to be able to use arrow keys to click through the other samples rather than having to close an illustration and click on the next one.

– You show some nice design samples.

– There is some inconsistency in the way the design samples are presented. On the personal branding, it’s vertical scrolling, one column with no click to enlarge. On the application survival guide (a particularly nice piece), it’s vertical scrolling, two columns, and click to enlarge. On the poster a day, you’re running three columns, click to enlarge, and you can use the arrow keys to move from one to the next. On the editorials, it’s horizontal scrolling. I think the work would present better if they were all presented in a consistent fashion.

Overall, I’d say good job.


Some great stuff here I hadn’t thought of regarding the navigation and presentation inconsistencies. Thanks a lot!

Good work mate…

I think your graphic design work is better than your illustration. I think the illustration may be hurting more than it is helping at this moment. But I think you’ve done a nice job of using product photos to show graphic design.

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