Looking for feedback on Portfolio site

I’m looking for some general feedback on my portfolio site. Honesty encouraged, thanks!


To clarify, your post makes it sound like you’re looking for feedback on the website itself, not the work shown, correct?

Hi Steve,

Good point, my apologies. I am focusing on getting feedback on the work itself but would also welcome feedback on the site.

Thanks you

I would make your GRAPHIC DESIGNER text as large as your name and bolder or at the very least bolder. The light color over the white background isn’t so hard for me to read but could be harder for others.

If you can sort your work into categories so people who want logos will find logos vs other items you have…

Some items when clicked on take you to a “bad gateway”; I assume that means it is linked to something that doesn’t exist.

Good start!


PS This reminds me to update my own site!

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