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I am not sure if you’re looking for feedback on the actual portfolio site (as in presentation of your work) or if you’re looking for feedback on the work itself. I should probably ask that question and wait for a reply, but I’m feeling zesty tonight. So here goes.

– General comment: you need to get rid of the Wix banner at the top. Very unprofessional.

– You have a quote about passion on your home page. That needs to go along with the Wix. Seriously, being “passionate” is such a cliche. It doesn’t make you stand out, it makes you part of the crowd. Trust me on this. If you don’t take any of my other advice, get ride of that quote and replace it with a slider of your work.

– Overall, site is simple and easy to navigate. The one place I think the nav could be improved is when you’re looking at a full size work sample. I’d like to see arrows that would allow me to click through the work.

– Speaking of the full size samples, they load really slowly. Maybe you’re server is in a bad mood tonight, but check the file sizes on your images and make sure they are optimized.

– On the work samples themselves, you have some nice pieces, you have some pieces that could use some more work, and you have some pieces that should get cut. When it comes to your portfolio, you’re only as good as your weakest piece. You need to seek out someone that can help you trim back your work so you’re just presenting the very best.

– The Bones Bearing page still has filler copy.

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Thank you for going into detail! I was wondering about the time it takes for photos to load on other’s end. I agree with the navigation arrows on each piece so the user can cycle through. Good stuff.

Also,which do you think are the weaker pieces? I have some in mind but I need an outsider’s perspective.

And as for the intellectual properties, I do explain in fine text at the bottom: “All representations of intellectual properties belong to rightful owners and I do not claim ownership”. Is that enough “defense” on that matter, or is it generally not a good idea to have intellectual properties in your portfolio if you weren’t commissioned by those companies themselves?

I really appreciate your time and effort!

Great cool images you have designed. Can you create a YouTube channel for make tutorials.

I can’t say for sure if you’re violating anyone’s intellectual properties rights because, for one reason, I don’t know which things you’re referring to and anyway, I’m not a lawyer.

However, I’m reasonably certain that if you went on trial for, let’s say, stealing a car, the judge wouldn’t dismiss the case based on you having mentioned quietly to those you met that you only borrowed the car and never made any claims of ownership.

I’ve been thinking about this! I love to teach people how to do these things and I will be getting my MFA so I can eventually teach at a collegiate level. Thank you for adding to my motivation to do this :grin:

That’s really well put, I didn’t think about that. I should put that theory to the test :wink:

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