Looking for honest feedback on my illustration work

I would love to get feedback from those with eyes for design. Although I’ve only produced illustrations, I’d like to produce both illustrations and design work in the future. And I think design is super important in illustration as well. Please let me know what I can work on.

Many thanks, ANY feedback will be appreciated.

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Honestly, most of them look like photos with photoshop filters and the ones that don’t look traced over photos. Sorry, but they don’t have a lot of personality. Draw, draw and draw some more – from real life.

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I’d agree with sprout’s feedback. This looks more like tracing and filters than illustration work.

Hi sprout, thank you for the critique! Your couple of comments were echoed by others online, and they have helped me see where I need to practice. I am grateful!

Thanks for your comment! It was helpful!

with gratitude,

I’ll echo what others have said, but also mention that I do see some good things going on that would get even better with practice and a bit more time spent on them.

Unfortunately, those good things are undermined by what seems a tendency to rely on software to toss in meaningless splotches, circles, grunge and other objects and effects to take up space and, I’m guessing, add interest.

There’s nothing wrong with adding these sort of things when they’re warranted, but you seem to be using them as a shortcut or as a crutch to make up for what isn’t there and what you haven’t taken the time to think through and draw.

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