Looking for quick critique of website

New here. I’m a nature photographer who’s just self-designed a simple website to share some of my work. Looking for some feedback on the overall design, and what I could do to improve the user experience. Would appreciate any honest feedback and practical suggestions from both aesthetics and usability perspectives.

My intended audience is other photographers, nature enthusiasts, and students. I’m not commercially oriented (not specifically looking to sell images) but would welcome any interest in purchasing my images. My primary goal is to have an attractive and easy to use website to showcase by work and writing.


Thank you.

I’ve never used Adobe Portfolio and don’t know what the customization options are, so I can’t comment on what you might do differently. However, I will say that it’s simple, clean, and easy to navigate, and the photos are wonderful.

The photos are big, as in large byte size, which makes the download painfully slow on slower internet connections, such as a smartphone accessing the internet from a mobile phone network. The large sizes also make them prime targets to be stolen and used by others without compensating you for their use. Maybe you’re not too concerned with this, though.

Thank you for your feedback! All good points, and much appreciated.

I know this isn’t exactly what you asked, so I hope I’m not going to step on your toes – if so, I’ll try to do it lightly. The website itself is fine, and you have some great images. The one thing I’d say is that your logo is a bit of a cliché. There are so many photographers that use an aperture for their logo. There is nothing unique or memorable about it. You said you’re not a designer, and that’s fine. And if you want to keep using the aperture, that’s your call. But I think investing in a logo that would help you stand out instead of blend in would go a long ways for your branding.

Thank you very much! I agree with you 100% - I was just looking for something quick and easy but would much prefer something a lot more distinctive and original. Thanks for your feedback!

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