Looking for some guidance on logo design

Hi , I’m still very new to graphic design and I was just trying to get some practice so I’m trying to design a logo for a made up design company called “Ideal Design”

I was doing some sketches and came up with these ideas, I haven’t 100% decided on the color and everything yet just trying to get the ideas on there.

I’m looking for opinions on which is the best or any suggestions or tips on how to go forward or if I should go back to the sketchbook.

Thanks for the help everyone! image


A logo should be able to look good printed in black and white, very small, very large, etc. So gradients generally don’t work for logos.

Try printing these out in black and white, in about a one inch square. See how that looks.

Every piece of the logo should visually support and help make the message clear.

So, what is the significance of the circle? How does it relate to design?

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I think you should, sorry.

What’s your concept behind these?

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What is your concept? It’s not clear what this is. I wouldn’t say these are designs, but a single concept executed in some different styles. It is unclear what the concept is. A logo doesn’t have to be an illustration, but it looks like you are trying to illustrate something. I just don’t know what that happens to be.

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A door knocker?

Sorry I probably should have gave more information with this , my concecpt was to use an “I” and I was going to put the words “ideal design” under or next to it and I was still working on the color and all that I was just trying to figure out which “I” I should use before I go forward

Maybe work out the basic concept first, you can change the I later.

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Okay true , thanks

I see potential with just the I, and the concept of ideal design.

You could really work with the typography of the words Ideal design and create a Wordmark logo, or even a Letter mark logo and use just ID.

Overall it still needs work, but it for sure has potential!


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Well, thanks for the clarification; but, per your original post, I think you should go back to the sketchbook. Nothing there is ready for prime time.

Be careful. Some of these look like vaginas.

Are you intending to brand yourself ideal design? If so, I’d caution against it. As you said, you’re very new to graphic design, and I think you’d face a few challenges communicating that a novice is, in fact, the ideal choice. Additionally, the domain name is already taken so there wouldn’t be any point on saving the name for later. Perhaps brand your work under your own name, or Ni1, and go from there.

Yeah, I sort of thought that, too. Didn’t say anything thinking maybe it was just me.

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For once I didn’t see the lewd thing. But now I cannot unsee.


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