I’m going to assume everyone here knows about — the online tutorial site with thousands of well-made videos that focus on design, graphics software and other things.

Anyway, I checked out a book from our public library a couple of days ago, and there was a notice there that was freely available to all library card holders. It seemed a bit too good to be true, but they do have exactly that: totally free access from home using nothing more than your library card number.

A little more checking shows that it’s not at all unique to the public library here in Salt Lake City — various libraries across the country offer the same thing. Maybe I’m just slow to realize this, but assuming others are as clueless as me, here’s an article:


This is awesome info!!! Thanks B!!! :heart:

This sawesome (super+awesome … Strong Bad’s term ) library resource is also available in Canada.

Good stuff!

My local library offers it, nice!

Thanks for posting this, Just-B

Yep, our library system offers this too.

Not sure why, but gives out free subscription for pretty much everyone. I got it through my job and also know that public library gives it away for free in Los Angeles.

If anyone has any recommendations on videos to watch, let me know! I have watched a few of the graphic design ones already.

Damn. Now I wish I was in the US or Canada.

Wow. That’s an amazing find. I’m a paying member btw.

It’s also a benefit of a LinkedIn Premium account.

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