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It doesn’t express anything about what’s unique about the Maldives. With that photo it could be Hawaii or Australia or…? The cover is the single most important selling tool to entice the a reader to buy the magazine. In a magazine stand with dozens of other magazines, would you reach for it based on that cover?
Those skewed photos on the left don’t do anything either… I’d have to turn it sideways to get a decent look at them. Also your magazine logo needs work.

Student work or is this a real project?

The main photo has some interest, but the color balance could use some work. As wdesign, suggests, it’s also rather generic and non-specific to the Maldives. I’ll also say it’s sort of claustrophobic.

Your typography needs lots of work. The obliqued mast/logo throws the entire composition out of balance by introducing diagonal lines into a spot where stability is needed. Your letter spacing is way too loose, and the kerning is inconsistent. Why is TRAVEL larger than AWAY? The mast’s flush right treatment makes the otherwise centered positioning of the mast look both lopsided and inconsistent.

The three little snapshots you’ve added look timid and accidental — sort of like an afterthought tossed in because you didn’t know what else to do with the space.

Ten reasons to visit this summer? Is there something about this summer that won’t also be the case next summer or the summer after that? Why not just ten great reasons to visit the Maldives?

What else is in the magazine? Is it just about the Maldives? If you place teasers on the cover, you need to tease more than one thing.

The tagline at the bottom is nearly invisible. It’s also totally meaningless and irrelevant. Instead of building the magazine’s credibility by proclaiming it as number 1, the statement diminishes its credibility by means of an obvious falsehood.

And what about dates, issues, barcodes, prices, etc.? Those kinds of things, like them or not, typically need to go on magazine covers.

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