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Hello this is Mahinul Islam (Graphic Designer). Undoubtly this is a helpful post for us. I want to really appreciate you for this kind of great post. Thank you so much. Can you help me please???
I am building my portfolio strong. I have chosen Behance as my Portfolio. Can you see my all projects on my Portfolio and give me if all are ok or need to make any changes or upgrade. I will wait for your response. Please check and reply me. I am waiting : []

Welcome Aboard!! :slight_smile:

I moved your post here to the correct section of the forum :slight_smile:

Generally I like the presentation a lot. The logo designs are a bit too complex for my taste. You are on a good path to be a great designer. Keep it going!

Some of the logos are OK, but the manner you have used to present them seem forced and artificial. Each one is presented as a series of mockups, using the same wall mounted sign, the same embossed business card. It comes across as a bit like a student portfolio. If possible I would show the logos within the specific real world applications they were used in - do you have them on actual business cards or signage? If so, use them… it would make everything more authentic.

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