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Hello to all the creative people here, my name is Manav Gangwani from Kolkata. I am passionate about drawing and have been sketching since childhood. This lifelong love for art fuels my creativity and provides me with a unique perspective that I bring into my journalism. Whether capturing the essence of a story through words or my sketches, I am committed to conveying powerful narratives that resonate with my audience.
I joined this community to explore more design work and get connected to talents from all over the world!

Hi and welcome.

First rule of design. Be original and don’t rip other people’s copyright work off. It will get you into trouble. Can I draw attention to you icon on this forum. I am sure, the SAIC motor corporation might have something to say about that.

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Ah, I see you’ve changed it.

For clarification, previously, it was the MG logo.


The picture was automatically uploaded by login. By the way thanks for pointing it out, I have changed now!

No it wasn’t. This forum doesn’t automatically add in copyrighted logos by default

Actually it does :wink:

If someone chooses the “Gravatar” option, it will automatically upload the last image associated with their email. Whatever that image might be. :smiling_face:

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Best I shut my mouth then!

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LOL … no worries. You couldn’t have known :wink: