Megaten logo font identification thread

This thread is for submitting and identifying English logos from from the Megami Tensei franchise. I am creating this thread to reduce the number of redundant thread I make in typography section of the forums.

The logo font I’m trying to find is for Persona 5 royal

Looks like Futura … probably bold.

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Thanks :+1:

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Here is another logo font font Im looking for. The font is from Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker help is appreciated

Yet ANOTHER font question? What in the world are you doing with all this font information?

They answered already when I asked. Just for fun

Still looking for the Devil Survivor 2 font but in the mean time I’m looking for this Devil Survivor 1 font. Help is very much appreciated

I found the font on Atlus website. Just had to do a little slouthing

Currently looking for the font used for the Persona 2 logo

Very similar to Letterpress Text Regular

Times New Roman is pretty close - but someone added some distress and grunge

Or maybe a variant of Times - like Hellas Times

Atlus published the game - you might try contacting them directly

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I doubt they will respond, but hey it never hurts to try :slight_smile:

They have a host of social media channels - you could try asking through those - they are on the website.
A fan or someone else might respond.

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It’s kinda sorta doubtful that the denizens of social media channels for games will know the font names on the packaging. Kinda doubtful too that the company would just hand out the font names to someone recreating their titles ‘for fun’

But I suppose you never know til you try…

I’ve often had success in the past going directly to companies and talking to them directly. They actually quite appreciated it.

While I’m waiting for a potential response from ATLUS. I’m currently looking for the font used for this logo. The logo looks like a lot of font but so far I haven’t found the EXACT font. Help is appreciated

Think that one is Duma

Sadly, its not Duma. its one of those fonts that I said look similar but itsnt the same.

Duma is in red

Yeh it’s not going well on this one - I can find similar letters but not all the letters in the same font.

Could be a slight mishmash of fonts - I can’t really say. You’re not too far off on that one a bit of manipulation and you could get there.

Hey still looking for those other fonts right now currently switching my focus to find the font used here