Mind to critique my Portfolio?

Hi, i’m about to start upgrading a bit my portfolio with new content, and as i joined this community yesterday, I wanted to know your thoughts on this.

Portfolio is made with Adobe Portfolio.
At the begining i conceived this as being a pretty straight forward site, without investing space in personal info or deep thoughts about each product, as i guess it will be nice to help the person who is doing the hiring selection to quickly acces to what are interested in.
I wanted to be a super quick show off of my work.

I usually send the link of this portfolio attached to a resume and an introduction letter, where then i talk more about “the person”.

Note: In a post i readed today from a logo critique, a user gave a hint on what he looks when hiring (if i remember ok). And pointed a thing i’m going to take into consideration:
He liked to be able to tell what problems are trying to solve a design, and they way the designer used to get to the solution.

It does help to identify the design brief.
Don’t get into any in-depth analysis on why you did what you did. You could paint yourself into a corner that way. (ie if your design works, but your analysis is all wrong, that would be bad.)
The viewer will draw their own conclusions as to whether or not your solution fits the brief.

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