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Hi talented people! I was tasked to create a postcard mockup for an upscale senior living property management group for a job I am in the interview process for. It’s an update of an old, very simple postcard they had, using more dynamic lines, updated copy and their newer style. Please let me know what you think!

Did you check all the U.S. postal service postcard design regulations to qualify for first-class, pre-paid postage?

It’s an attractive design. I like the colors. It definitely looks upscale

What point size is the text? If the target audience is senior citizens and people about the retire, the text needs to be big enough to read before being tossed into the garbage. If they have to get their reading glasses first, the trash can might be their preferred option.

Rather than just showing them your design in the interview, it might be good to point out those practical sorts of target audience marketing considerations.


Great points! I sized that wall of text on the reverse as big as I could go without sacrificing the postal area, it’s at 12.831 pt right now, but perhaps the font and the negative text colors are interfering with the legibility…I’ll mess with that. Thanks so much for your thoughtful input!

On the postal guidelines, I am using the layout for that part from their last postcard; I thought it looked a bit off. I will adjust that based on the guide you linked, cheers for that!

I’ve known more than one designer whose employer has been awfully upset when the postal service billed them several thousand dollars due to their mailers not meeting the bulk mail requirements. In a freelance situation, the designer just might end up eating the cost on something like that. :anguished:

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It’s weird, I’m getting different answers from both the employer and the post office. I copied the layout exactly from one they successfully bulk mailed in the past, but it does look off to me based on the guidelines and the many, many postcards I’ve done in the past. Thought they knew something I didn’t? I’m going to check with them and try my best not to insult their in house designers by challenging the layout :smiley:

Like check these out…just in a Google image search I’m finding MOST have the indicia at the top, but then these guys come along:


The regulations are confusing and likely not uniformly enforced. Sometimes is best just to head to the local post office and ask them to sign off on the design before getting it printed.

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