Mother's Day 2018 Celebration Menu

Hello everyone,

I normally put together a Mother’s Day menu for a gathering I have each year. This will be on Mother’s Day EVE…so that date isn’t actually Mother’s Day.

Still not sure of the complete menu…I have a few "or"s in there as I try and decide. Naan or Pita…what dips. how to marinade the shrimp.

thoughts? I have plenty of time to adjust things though the wife has approved the menu food wise…she still needs to pick out the OR. (she just texted and says both shrimp options sound good).

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I think it looks great for the most part, except for the time/date element, which looks like an afterthought, and not integral to the rest of the page. I’d say its size and placement are problems, but so are the colors and treatment. I’d try it with ‘2018’ set along with (following; same font and color) the word CELEBRATION, and the day/time in a position subordinate to that.


Thanks for that input. the Date/Time portion is a late-in-the-game addition. I was trying to think of ways to add it and not be too similar to years past. created this ‘lockup’ and liked it and then started to redo the Mother’s Day copy area and it now looks not too aligned with the piece.

The colors were based on a color scheme I created…then decided to cut back on the colors in most other areas and left them alone. so I can see how they stand out as ‘off’ now.

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I agree with HotButton. Overall, looks fine, but the date is throwing it off. If this isn’t an invitation, do you even need the date?

Are you cooking all of this or is it catered? That looks like a pretty ambitious menu. If you’re cooking, do you have help?

I cook it all. [updated to add: sometimes when my brother and sister-in-law show up, she becomes the sous chef to give me a hand, or open a beer]

I start the weekend before to make some things…like the picked onions and any sauces that can be made days ahead. during the week I will make ice cream get the Ginger Beer started. I take off the Friday/day before to make the cakes. do any final shopping.

and the problem is I feel the need to “one-up myself year over year”
some previous versions can be found here:

My wife and I both enjoy cooking and entertaining, but I can’t say we ever shot for a menu quite this ambitious. Hats off to you.

I just had a thought. The background on the menu sort of looks like a safety background from a check. What if the date looked like a stamp in the corner? Make it a little smaller and pull Mother’s Day lockup to the center.

interesting idea on the check style.
funny thing is…I used to work for a check printing company. That was when I first joint the GDF (well, the previous version). Good times.

thanks for the input

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