Motion Graphics Type Video

I’ve never really been experienced with motion graphics, at university I had a horrible motion graphics class and learned next to nothing (even about program basics). So when I was hired to make a logo, moving logo, and a video, it took awhile to put everything together, which meant I had to learn everything as I went.

This went through many revisions, and the content and quotes were subjects the client wanted. We discussed the use of video or audio, and finally came to the conclusions a simple text video would be a good way to make a intro video for the presentation she planned on giving.

The music was also created by myself for the text video.

Its been a month since i finalized it, and it already was shown in Kansas city at the clients presentation. Shes happy with it, and I couldn’t do much better at the time. I’m also not a musician at all. I still thing the text moves slightly too fast, and i wish i could have been more creative. However, i feel if i was any more creative it would lose the message the client wanted to send.

Now that its not fresh, I’m ready for some critic to improve my skills for the next time a project has to be done.

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