MrDangem Blog Logo please Critique


This is just a personal blog and some of my original graphics resources.

It kind of has an Obey logo vibe.

I feel like I like it, but more important than that is whether it’s successful. I think it almost has personality, but it needs some more interest to get there.

I also definitley think you should continue to finesse the spacing and also the corners of the letters. For instance, I think the “MR” should be wider, which of course is going to make the entire logo wider, which in turn will mean there’s more room for “DANGEM” to be a lot larger, which I think it needs. The space on the left and right of DANGEM doesn’t seem intentional. Really, the white spacing all around DANGEM should be pretty much the same (at least to the eye) all around it.

For the corners, I noticed the top right of the R has a curve but that curve isn’t seen in any other edge corner like that. I would decide if you want a bunch of curved corners or a bunch of sharp ones.

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I think that is a good idea, i’ll try to make some curve styles.

About the success, im not sure all I want is my logo should be a good example coz im doing logo for small clients as well.

You’ve created a number of posts for your logos. I can’t help but get the feeling that you’re just trying different things and throwing them out to see what will stick. This isn’t the best approach. You should be more strategic with your design and branding.

Do some soul searching. Figure out who you are, what services you offer, who you are trying to appeal to, and what your competitive advantages are.

Do some research. Look at the marketplace. What are they accustomed to seeing? What can you do to position yourself against your competitors? What will make you stand out?

After this, sketch, sketch, and sketch some more. You should have dozens of concepts. Pick the most promising options to develop in Illustrator. Present 3 - 6 different options to the group for feedback.


I completely agree with @Steve_O. I sense that you haven’t been doing this long or professionally, so please let me explain how a critique works. Graphic design is a way to visualize and share information, sometimes directly and other times implied, to achieve this goal.

When you post a logo and only tell us it is your personal brand, it has no meaning. We don’t know you or your brand. We’ll never be able to tell you if you’re conveying the intended information (your brand, your style, your name). What you’re doing is basically asking us if we like something, but that is sometimes the less important factor compared to effectiveness. Your logo is legible. Does your logo support your brand mission? No clue. Does your brand even have a mission? No clue. The only critique we can give you is based on design principles and subjective thoughts.

I think to get the most out of these forums, you’ll need to think of the way you present differently. You need to view this as a pitch. Give some background information and some insight into why you’ve made your design choices. Here is an awesome breakdown of what you, as the presenter, are responsible for:

  • Share your goals for the critique session
  • Share design goals
  • Walk through the designs and explain the rationale
  • Provide Context

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