Music & video montage

Hello. I would like to know your opinion about my video clip which I called TIME. I did video montage/editing in DaVinci Resolve based on assets from Pexels. The song used for this no commercial project is my second which I ever created using free to use tools. My goal was to check do I am able to create first a proper music track and second a matching video clip.
Tell me, please do I managed to get the right balance between the image and the music track?

Screenshots showing production process:

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It’s pleasant to listen to and watch. I’m not sure I understand all that’s going on here though … did you compose the music with software?

Did I compose music? If placing digital soundbites in a right place on the path to looping means composing then yes, I did. I used Splash Pad and then Audacity software which allows some of the audio effects where I made final composition. I have no music background (well, maybe except the young years in a punk band) and I was driven by curiosity - is it possible to create a nice music track and then a short video with it?
Thank you for your comment.

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Cool stuff @NaoiDesign! I like it. :space_invader:

I liked it too. It’s mesmerizing. Great job!

@OVOAO and @Just-B thank you both :slight_smile:

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