My first post!

Hello! I’m Mika and I am a multimedia artist who is new to the forum! I’ve been working with Illustrator and Photoshop since 2014 and graduated from the Rod Serling School of Fine Arts in 2016! I’ll share some examples of my work, and I’m trying to gain the confidence to share more, tips and tricks are welcome! I look forward to getting aquainted

You might not like this question.
Is this you?

Bearing in mind here that the Rod Serling school appears to be an upper level high school.

As an art piece the top one is certainly very colorful. It would be hard to reproduce in any kind of print media but looks pretty sweet on an RGB monitor.

Are your aspirations more toward Art or graphic design?

The question is fine! It is not me but, I do give credit to Jean Vella’s work that I used in the composition. The work of Vincentiu Solomon and Ashan Avi were also used

Yea, I did not have print in mind while making it, I drew inspiration from those funky carpets from 80s skate rinks.

I guess I’m trying to figure that out, I consider myself more of an artist and would like to improve upon my skills in graphic design.


This is the best forum I’ve found for design :slight_smile:

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Rod Serling, the Twilight Zone guy?

I just looked it up and, like PrintDriver, found that it’s a high school program in Rod Serling’s home town. That’s very interesting and would have been a great experience. I grew up in a very small town where the high school had no art classes of any kind. My first art class was in college.

I like the abstract composition. And you’re right, it does look like a graphic from previous decades. It’s still very cool, though.

And before I forget, welcome to the forum!

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Indeed the Twilight Zone guy! Thank you for the kind words and the welcome :smile:

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