My first try at graphic design, with my very minimal knowledge

It’s a little retro Apple wallpaper

Wrong font.
Look up Kerning.
And the original retro Apple at the start of this campaign was the rainbow version.

I think you missed the point behind the “Think Different” campaign… Study up on the old posters and see the meaning behind the art. Graphic design always has a “sell.” What are they selling?


Well, there’s a first time for all of us.

I keep my very first design “thing” on the bookshelf next to my desk here at home. It was my first project in my first design class.

I have no idea why I thought cutting out some random Chinese character, gluing it to a piece of illustration board and covering it with gesso had anything to do with design, but here it is. It’s sort of grungy with age and more than a little stupid, but I keep it as a reminder. On the back, there’s the grade my professor wrote in pencil. I got a B- on it (I think he was being generous).

It’s been 40 years, and I’ve gotten somewhat more knowledgable about design since then. :wink:

So congratulations on your first effort. :grinning:



thanks for the reply, but I didn’t take it that seriously, made it really quickly


Graphic design is a serious profession.
Lots of research involved.
“I did it fast,” is not an acceptable argument.
I get that you said you have minimal knowledge. I gave you a couple directions to pursue in your research.
Or it’s just a pretty picture.


How fun to upload our first design projects! My first one was to design a halloween book cover. this was mine lol


You did post this piece to the ‘Crit Pit’…which implies you were looking for critique.


We can tell.

Gooood Work

It does look retro, because of the colors and stripes. But needs more work before I would put it on my screen. Accept the good critique above, and keep learning. One day you will look back at this post and you will smile.

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