My skill improvement

This is the development of my skills after 2 months, I still often have problems in the logo that are less symmetrical, I have also learned about negative space, but in my opinion my goal is to make negative space still unfulfilled and less visible

please what value is my development still slow or fast?

Development cannot be judge by two different logos two months apart.
Both of these look to be the same skill level.
And I have no idea what you mean by making negative space unfulfilled and less visible.

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You might want to rethink the colours of the “now” logo. It just does not work on a dark background.

As logo graphics go, in some ways Coffee Tower is better than Gravtor.

“Development” isn’t about producing more sophisticated graphics. Learning to devise and implement strategies is much more important. You’re spending too much of your time playing with mockups. No matter how cool they look, they are of no value to your “development”.

mockups, especially stock ones are no value at all.
If you do one of those canned mockup things, what if your client suddenly wants you to realize it on their building.
A. a lot of times those are photos of someone else’s existing sign with their logo removed.
B. most times something like this, proposed without a budget and an understanding of what goes into making and electrifying some these signs, will put a designer in a bad position of offering something that is not feasible or very expensive, or both. That makes the designer look really bad.

Just judging from what you’ve posted, I think your skill and ability to see and make aesthetic decisions has improved over the past few months.

As for the Gravtor logo, I like how dynamic it is. The colored type is problematic, though. On a white backgound, the yellow disappears in relationship to the blue and purple. On a black background, the reverse is true, with the yellow being very visible and the purple disappearing. Keep in mind the light-to-dark values and use them to your advantage instead of letting them get in the way of legibility.

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I’m still trying to wrap my head around how ink splatters relate to digital printing.
I do like the dynamic, but I’ve always been averse to printer logos that suggest “sloppy.”


Thanks for your advice, I already know where I lack … I am still weak about colors and their use. Are there any good tips for training color sensitivity, of course I currently use a color guide in illustrators but can’t get the right color yet.

@Ryan yes, google knows it all:

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