Namaskar. new player join

Namaskar . My name is … Let it be Eliot.
I’m not a designer… I can’t draw.
I do music, I’m into nft.
And I make covers for my music .

Honestly, I don’t know how I know Photoshop.
I’ve studied almost nothing about Photoshop.
And I’m extremely surprised by my art,
I can’t believe. I did it.
But you know, every next cover for a track is better than the previous one.

I hope to learn a lot of new things,:slight_smile:
I want to hear opinions, critique, of my works.
(I’ll create a thread on thecritpit)

Welcome Aboard :wave: :smiley:

I’ve seen this style a few times so I have a few questions if you feel like answering :wink:

What is your method of creating?
Are you altering an existing photo or creating from scratch?
And are you using any software or hand drawing?