Name of design/ornament

Hello! Can someone please tell me what the name of this type of design is? I refer to it as “royal bar design”, which is a bit too broad. I like the look of the bars and how they flourish into a type of leaf. You tend to see these in old Russian Czarist artwork. There are also decorative frames made in this style which I would like to search for. Thanks in advance!

I’ve been calling it “Flourish Ornamant” for most of my career.

They are decorative line art text decorations or ornaments.

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Na-na-na-na-na-na … (Did I count them right?)

Now I can’t get the Beatles song out of my head - thanks!

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Well, there’re eight na’s in “Hey Jude”. Mine was just a school boy taunt.

Ooops. Sorry @ekallaur … Didn’t mean to hijack your thread.

No problem!
Unfortunately, flourishes opens a whole world of what I’m not looking for.
Btw, what type of vector stock site do you use (if you do)? I tend to use Vectorstock. They seem to have the cheapest vectors, but sometime their designs are badly designed. So if I’m looking for something like this “royal bar ornament”, I get a lot of cheap designs…

I use istock

I admit, Istock has a better selection. Their pricing seems a bit high, though. I think they do credits as does Vectorstock, but VS usually has 1 credit per vector. So $1 for a graphic, vs Istock I think is more.

Yeah, I just clicked on one of the images and it’s $12 for a vector!

If it’s a real project, the cost should not concern you. Everything can get passed on within reason.

Buy cheap, buy twice.

Very true! Thanks!

I like to collect these vectors for possible future use or simple personal projects. Hence my interest in possibly getting them at a better price.

That’s the eternal dilemma, isn’t it?

That’s called stockpiling, and it’s generally not allowed in the EULA of the sites.

@Smurf2 I’ve never herd of seen a restriction like that, do you have an example in a major stock site’s EULA that mentions that?


Section 3

No Subscription Abuse. You may not stockpile, download or otherwise store content not used in a project or end use within 30 days after the end of your subscription for future use.

Thats for a subscription based model. which is much more understandable.

For an outright, non subscription based licensed “purchase” of material that would be highly unusual. At least from what I have seen. Most grant you the right to use any materials you have licensed in perpetuity.

But that is not what the EULA says. You can of course do whatever you like.

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