Need Critique on a Logo Illustration

Can you guys please offer me your feedback? I always get such good critique here.

I was working on this unicorn logo/small illustration. I am struggling to make it as simple as possible, while still making it dynamic and interesting. I would appreciate and and all critique. All thought are appreciated. Thank you!!

Since it wasn’t showing, I fixed your image for you :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much! I am still a bit new and figuring things out here!

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Try to visualize the unicorn reduced to the size of a postage stamp. First to disappear will be the outlines. Anatomically it still needs a lot of work.

As a male, and a depraved one at that, the singular horn strikes me as not a horn. Look at some references of drawings of unicorn. It’s supposed to be much longer and straight (pardon).

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Right now your unicorn looks a bit much like “My Little Pony”. Like @Eriskay says, look at a few more pictures/illustrations/drawings of unicorns and horses and work on the anatomy.

That being said, for unicorns as a logo it also works nicely if you only use the head, as you can see in this example:

@OVOAO I have done that in the past…

This time I was trying to pull off a full body one, but I don’t know how effective I was.

When you say to look at the anatomy, do you have any specifics as to what exactly looks off? Sorrt I just like to get as much detail as possible.

Got it, thank you!!

Refer to drawings of a unicorn (or a horse): The head, neck, rump, and the limps. Right now it more resembles a dog than anything else.

Can anyone tell me if this is starting to look like an improvement?

Here’s what a horse looks like:


The front legs don’t extend up to the shoulders. The poor thing is now three-legged. The one hind leg is hoof-less.

If the shades/shadows don’t make sense, do away with them altogether. The outlines are still very weak.

At least the horn is looking decent now.

HNY @jenniferlkary :beers:!

I like the multicoloured nature of your design.

However it feels a bit more like an illustration than a logo to me. Are you trying to make a logo or an illustration, or an logo with an illustrative style?

Also what is the intended usage for this design, where will it be used, will it be paired with any type?

The reason why it’s three legged and hoofless is because I removed parts temporarily to rework them. I did say “is this starting to look like an improvement?”.


So the idea is a logo with an illustrative feel.

I intended to use this as a sticker/decal design, then have it printed to sell on Instagram :slight_smile:

A logo is a mark used by an organization to aid and promote its visual identification and recognition.

An illustration drawn up primarily for use on a sticker to be sold on Instagram is not a logo.

For use as a logo, it doesn’t work. It’s conceptually flawed and breaks nearly every rule of thumb for what constitutes a good logo. As an illustration to be printed on a sticker, it has possibilities.


That’s awesome, is it a project for a client where you have a brief or is it just for yourself?

Hmmmm…then maybe I nix the logo concept for this one. I was trying to find a balance between illustration and logo, but that may not be achievable here.

I could completely eliminate the outline and shadows, go for a logo feel, and figure out a golden ration. I could also keep the one above and use it for the sticker design.

This is for my own graphic design business! I’m testing out selling some merch. My idea was to start with a dozen decals and test the waters a bit. I use Instagram and Facebook for marketing. If I am able to make a sale here and there perhaps it is something I will explore more in-depth in the future.

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Sounds like a super fun project to be working on - who is your expected target audience?

It kinda worries me, for the sake of your business, that you are conflating the terms logo and illustration, and possibly logo and mascot here. And that you are creating a thing that has so many production issues out of the gate to be calling it a logo, starting with it being at least 6 colors, possibly using transparency effects, to using a hairline outline.

Be bolder and more illustrative. The head you posted is a far better look, even though that one has too much shadow detail and the outline is very rough.

Logos don’t need a golden ratio either. Yeah, it’s a theory, but only one of many.

Decals are a marketing adjunct and are usually dispersed at or near cost as a means of getting a name out there, or keeping your name in front of existing clients. While I might actually purchase something with a band logo on it to support the band, I’m not so sure I’d purchase someone’s company logo (I don’t wear branded clothing either though.) A unicorn sticker that is colorful and cute, pretty much a dime a dozen on Etsy and some of those are printed on cool sparkly media, LOL. What makes yours unique? And with that skinnnnnnnnny black border, what is your diecut path gonna be? Cuz there is no spot-on registration when it comes to die cutting things. That border will absolutely get cut off in places… Pulling bleeds for an edge cut on that is gonna cost you some system time too, if you don’t do it. Or you could put it in a boring circle or square.
Think Finishing before Beginning.

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Ha, I just tried looking up line art illustrations of unicorns and 90% of them all had whispy, single-width line art. Seems to be a thing.
While this one is a little fierce, I put it here to show how varying the stroke thickness on lines gives the illustration more depth and character, rather than being all one boring stroke thickness. You also use line art in this way to denote shadow areas without actually have to change the color of the art. I wish this one wasn’t filled in a painterly fasion, to better illustrate that. It also has a doubled drop shadow which should have been cleaned up (no double points)

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