Need feedback for this illustartion

Hi everyone,

This is my second post in this forum, I am carrying out this exercise of creating a design daily so that I can keep learning and brush my skills everyday.

Waiting for all the valuable feedback.

Sayak Bose

Pay attention to your light source. The clouds look like they are being lit from a 12:00 position, the planets look like they are being lit from an 8:00 position, and the craters on the planet look like they’re being lit from a 6:00 position.

Thanx, will make the necessary changes…:slight_smile:

first I’d like to say: pretty good base! I agree with @Steve_O to take a closer look at where the light is actually coming from and ajust the shines on the clouds. I also think the image is way to dark if you’d use it for just a static image (so no game or video). But that could be a matter of preference.

I’d also remove some falling stars, because there are too much falling stars now. And there seem to be some recognisable pattern in it. I’d limit it to just one falling star.

I Like the color on the purple/reddish planet on the bottom left :wink:

Hope this helps. Happy illustrating!

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Made some changes according to the light source:

It’s pretty good… As you are learning about designing, surely the above feedbacks will beneficial for you…

It’s getting there!

Its looking good, but its quite dark and i donť get i idea with clouds? The planets its ok. I will maybe add some stars and nebula.

Check this video :wink: Keep going! Jan

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Sorry i forget add the link :wink:

thanks a lot for the inspiration…

You’re welcome :wink:

You are doing “an illustration a day,” not a design.

Graphic Design is all about the message; all about the sell, whether the client is selling a product or trying to attract attention to a specific message. It’s all about the message, not the pretty picture.

If you are going to do a “design a day” have a look around the web for at least some moderately detailed project briefs.

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