Need feedback on icon family for video games

I’ve been working on a family of icons to represent genres of video games. I’m wondering if, just by looking at them, each genre can be identified. If not I could use some feedback on what I could do to make them more identifiable.

Also, there is a missing icon can’t quite seem to figure out how to represent. It’s a subgenre for sports.Most sports titles are pretty straight forward like Madden or NBA2K being simulation style sports games. Then there are the action/arcade like sports games that are not traditional. Games like Mario Tennis, Rocket League, or Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. I could use an extra brain or two to come up with an icon for those.

I’m not a gamer, so I’m not in your target market, but here’s what I see (reading them like a book):

Treasure hunt

Sleuth (?)

2D animation

3D animation

Classic video games

Go cart

Word / letter games



Fighting / ultimate fighting


Driving + shooting (grand theft?)

Airplane / air-to-air combat


Treasure hunter / gem



Knight / medieval

Cognitive / IQ games

This is a really nice set of icons. Good work – particularly on the zombie!

Since you are not a gamer it will definitely be more difficult to figure these out, but you did a pretty good job :slight_smile:

For a generic sports icon - I can only think of something that would be related through all sporting events - the prize.
Either a podium with 2/1/3 for positions - a trophy - a medal - or another generic prize.

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