Need Help Customizing My Boring Desktop

Hello everyone. For a while I have tolerated my boring desktop. But I can no longer keep looking at it. I am looking for ways to change my desktop. After trying multiple wallpapers, it still seems to lack something. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can customize my Windows 10 desktop?

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If the desktop is your main worry, you are doing it wrong.


I’m probably in the vast minority, but I like my desktop completely plain. As a designer, I’m constantly working to direct the eye, clarify, and create visual hierarchy. If my desktop / wallpaper is calling attention to itself, it’s visually competing for attention against whatever project I’m working on. Also, a big part of what I do is working with product photos where accurate color is critical. I’ve found a neutral gray background works best for color correction work since a colorful desktop could throw off how I perceive the colors of the photo I’m working on. Yes, yes, I know I can set up my workspace so that I don’t see the desktop while working, but, the way my workflow goes, I often have my main workspace window smaller than my screen size.


One, two, other shoe?

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The photographers I used to work with always used neutral gray backgrounds for that very reason. I started doing so too and have kept it up for years. Even if that weren’t the reason, the last thing I’d need is a busy, distracting desktop.

Then again, as PrintDriver suggested, I have a feeling there might be an ulterior motive for this topic that we haven’t yet seen.


Running Windows, there’s no seeing the wallpaper “through” an application. So although I agree with the plain, unobtrusive background approach, Windows wallpaper doesn’t interfere in any case.

Jack, you’ll either have to find an image that stimulates you in the desired way, or set the wallpaper to slideshow and enjoy a folder full of periodically-changing images that produce the desired effect.

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I like Unicorns


Bob Ross’s smiling face would make an inspiring desktop photo to keep those happy creative juices flowing.


I put up an olive camouflage as my desktop, but then I couldn’t find my computer.

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I used to always do plain, for the reasons that others mention, then started going with whatever the latest main Apple desktop was. I really like the latest one, with big patches of bright color.

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My desktops are not busy, so as not to hide the folders and crap usually strewn all around it.
The image changes very occasionally. I have to like it cuz I have to look at it.
As for the OP, I am very sure I cannot help find a desktop image to please someone else.

Now, perhaps the OP is asking how to add custom images to Windows 10 so he can look at his own choices.
I don’t have an answer because the windows machines here are strictly production machines and I just use the default, but maybe someone else here does?

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Here’s a great one I found years ago and it is one of my favorites.


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Well that’s all I needed.

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Eye Bleach! Where’s the eye bleach?

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take a closer look at ObjectDock you can make access shortcuts and frequently used applications from an animated dock.
also there are moving desktops available to download from StarDock.

Animated screensavers are one thing.
Animated desktops are beyond annoying.
Even the Mac OS sand dune desktop that changes with the time of day can often grab my attention when it shifts.

Have you guys heard about **********? One of my friends shared this (LINK REMOVED) with me yesterday, but I have no clue what ********** is and whether it is safe to use.

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