Need Help Vectorizing a Logo

Hi all,

New to the forum and could use some help. I have a small logo that’s a jpeg that I need to turn into a vector image. The problem is, it’s so small that I’m running into problems. An image trace distorts it, and increasing the size pixelates it. It may need to be rebuilt because it’s so small but I’m not sure. Anyone able to help?

Pretty common problems you’re running in to.

This sounds like the best solution — assuming a higher res or vector art version is not available from any other sources.

The answer to this question depends on what you’re looking for.

If you’re looking for additional tips, the only thing I can suggest is to do some more work to see if the logo is available as a high res image or vector art. Sometimes, you can scour the internet and find some things you didn’t think possible.

If you’re looking to hire a designer to reproduce the logo in a vector format, you could post it someplace like Upwork. I feel like there used to be a classifieds section here, but I don’t see it anymore. If you are looking to hire the work out, please don’t expect the work to be done for free.

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Thanks… really looking for tips or ideas outside of an image trace that would potentially maintain the integrity of the original logo file.

Recreate it in Illustrator (or equvalent) by using shapes and pen tool rather than live trace.
Not Photoshop.

Can you post the image here?


This is the image

There’s really no choice other than to find the original, use it as it is, or redraw it.

If it comes to redrawing in Illustrator or another vector drawing application, redoing it would be reasonably simple if you can locate the fonts. The word Predators might need to be redrawn from scratch, but that would be easy enough.

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Short answer, that would have to be recreated, IMO.

As @Just-B said Predators might have to be redrawn from scratch. It could be a font, but locating that font may be a challenge.

If you get a designer to redraw it, and if they can find the fonts, it should be a relatively straightforward recreation, but it will take a little time and effort.

You need the amazing @RedKittieKat to help ID that font.

I’ve started redrawing it. Was hoping there was a simpler fix but appreciate all the opinions. Agreed on the “Pittsburgh “ and “softball” fonts. I’ve tried matcherating it through several sites but to no luck. If anyone can identify those fonts it would be a HUGE help. It looks like the Pittsburgh is outlined with a stroke…

are you redrawing it in Illustrator or some other vector image based software?

Pittsburgh looks like Fixture Italic Condensed Black

Softball: 1 FatBoy DNA Regular

I did find a larger image if that helps you see what the letters of Predators look like. Click the pick and click again to get full size.


O the majestic font queen. I worship the ground you walk on!

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Aww …


Font Queen, you’re awesome. Thanks for the font help. I’ll have to check them when I’m back in the office tomorrow. As for the standard logo, I’ve been using that one as a guide. I really appreciate your help.

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Ok, looking at first glance, you nailed the fonts for the standard logo. They do consider the other one their secondary logo, and unfortunately the fonts are different. Any leads on the secondary logo fonts?

I hate to say it, but PS. I’m self taught on both platforms, have been using PS for over a decade. My knowledge of AI is limited at best, so unfortunately I’m stuck in PS.

Photoshop is the hard way of making vectors. Because it is a RASTER program. Sure you can create shapes and outlines and maybe a smart object, but for what purpose do you need a ‘vectorized’ logo?

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Understood. I figure if I can get it 99% of the way there manually in photoshop, I can just bring it into AI and save it as an eps or an svg. It’s for team gear. The company needs the vector file for print.

Hmmm … didn’t realize they were different. Not sure why anyone wants two nearly identical logos. Seems awfully confusing … but here we are lol :wink:

Anyhoo. This is a complete shot in the dark because I can’t make out much on that tiny sample and I can’t find any larger versions

Pittsburgh: Univers 73 Black Extended

Softball: Monotype Script MT bold